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Jimmy D. Mullins

Jimmy D. Mullins


You can learn a lot about the value of the dollar when you grow up around very few of them. For Jim Mullins, growing up in the coal mines of Eastern Kentucky meant learning what poverty was at a very early age.

Jim dreamed of a better life and worked 40-hours-a-week graveyard shifts while balancing a full-time class schedule at East Tennessee State University. Having worked his way into the oil industry, Jim quickly learned that the good life he’d worked so hard to establish for his family could be compromised by lack of proper planning. When his small manufacturing business was deeply affected by government policies and international politics, Jim looked for a way to help other business owners and professionals attain a measure of financial security. In 1993, this led him to a new career as a financial representative.

Today, Jim’s philosophy remains the same. He believes in a “bigger pie theory" That is: "When it comes to your finances, you don’t cut the pie into smaller pieces; you simply find a way to bake a bigger pie,”. Jim enjoys helping busy professionals and business owners achieve their financial goals, and pass on more assets to future generations.

Jim is an active member of the community of Ft. Worth and understands your needs. He can help you make decisions to enhance your retirement lifestyle. He is a determined professional who can come alongside his clients to make strategic decisions for success.