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Jeffrey W. Bopp

Jeffrey W. Bopp


Jeffrey joined Prosper Mullins in 2014, bringing management experience and knowledge from both small and large business operations. While each can be rewarding in their own ways, Jeffrey prefers the intimacy, responsibility, and camaraderie of smaller businesses. He has always had an affinity for process automation, data analysis, and problem-solving – as well as working and teaming with others.
Jeffrey earned an Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1997. He also met his future wife Marlene there while taking a post-graduate business class. They married in 2014 and are “living happily ever after”!
Jeffrey is the youngest of three siblings. His family moved every few years, across multiple states, until eventually rooting in Texas in 1982. This instilled a love for travel and exploring which remains insatiable. In early 2000, Jeffrey had the amazing experience of travelling to Muscat, Oman, for a few months on business. After coming back to the US, he was offered, and accepted, a permanent position there supporting the entire Middle East region. After spending three years being based in Oman, Jeffrey was courted by another company and subsequently moved to Dubai to help establish and operate another regional office. In 2006, he came back to the US to spend more time with family and friends.
Aside from travel, Jeffrey enjoys many simple pleasures in life, including a hard day of quality work with Brad, hosting parties with Marlene, family walks with their Catahoula Leopard dog Grace, spending time at the beach or in the pool, and riding his Triumph motorcycle.